Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to AdSame, please read the following statements carefully before choosing AdSame’s services:

Collection and Use of Personal Information:

Your personal information will be collected when you register AdSame’s account, use AdSame’s products or services, visit websites of AdSame or our business partners thereof, or participate in the promotional programs. And the information collected will be combined with that obtained from our business partners or other companies.

We will automatically receive and record information from your computer and browser, including the network protocol address (IP Address), the information and in AdSame cookie and the history of use.

Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information:

Preservatin of Your Information

We collect your personal information if you voluntarily select our service or provide your personal information, and the information will be integrated to provide better customer services to you. Please do not transfer or lend your account and password to others. If you find that your account has been illegally used by others, please immediately inform us. We will not be responsible for the illegal use of account number and password caused by hacking or custody negligence.

Retain your use history

Some information will be automatically recorded by our server including the URL, IP address, browser type, language, and the date and time of visit when you use AdSame’s services.

In the following circumstances, AdSame will disclose your personal information according to your wishes or provisions of law, and therefore the problems arise because of this will be your responsibility:

(1) We have obtained your authorization in advance;
(2) Your requested products and services can be provided to you only if you disclose your personal information;
(3) Abide by the requirements of relevant laws and regulations;
(4) Abide by the requirements of the relevant administrative authorities;
(5) For the sake of AdSame’s legitimate rights and interests;
(6) You have agreed to share your information with third parties;
(7) Your violation of AdSame’s terms of service or regulations of use of any other products and services is founded;
(8) Information need to be delivered to the companies providing our products or services on behalf of AdSame (these companies have no right to use your personally identifiable information without AdSame’s notice to you).


With AdSame’s cookies technology, you can log on our service , set your own service options, and enjoy more thorough and customized service;

AdSame uses cookies to provide better service to advertisers. When you visit a website and view or click on an advertisement, cookie will be set on your browser via the services of the website.

How do we use the information of cookie: the main purposes for the information we collect from AdSame’s websites and our partners’ websites thereof:

1. Frequency Control: prevent the user from seeing the same advertisement too many times.
2. Conversion tracking: Track the effect of advertising.
3. Interest-based ads: when you visit the website of AdSame or our partners, we will set a cookie to record your online behaviors and preferences to provide the relevant ads to you in the future.
4. Maintenance and improvement of our services.

You can choose to accept or reject cookies, and you can reject cookies by modifying your browser’s settings. If you reject cookies, you may not log on websites or use Hylink services or functions which are dependent on cookies. You also can reject the cookies of gtags domain by the stop button. However, once you reject cookies, the relevance of the ads that you will see may not as good as before.

Revision of Privacy Policy:

AdSame will revise the policy of privacy from time to time. If the users personal information policy is revised, they will be informed the relevant provisions on the website in time.

Questions and Suggestions:

If you have other questions and suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
AdSame is committed to fully protect your privacy and provide you better experience and service.


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